TreeViz 2

05/01/2009 - 05/03/2009

Biodiversity Synthesis Center, The Field Museum, 
Chicago, IL, USA

A group of tree-thinking representatives from evolutionary biology, academic computing, and the software and graphics industry participated in a meeting designed to synthesize various approaches to phylogenetic tree visualization. It was the fourth in a series to develop a user-friendly visualization interface for the Tree of Life integrated with the EOL and featured 32 participants from the U.S.


04/03/2009 - 04/06/2009

Catalina Island, CA, USA

Peracarids (amphipods and isopods) was co-sponsored with EOL Species Pages Group with 18 participants to collate, organize, and aggregate amphipod and isopod data from a range of electronic sources and databases. This meeting produced a working plan for international collaboration on a complete vetted species list for this large (~15,000 species) group. Meeting participants created a new website ( where they will collaborate and share information with each other and with EOL.


03/20/2009 - 03/25/2009

The Zoologische Staatssammlung, 
München, Germany

This meeting gathered 8 experts on the megadiverse group Diplopoda, or the millipedes, which contains about 13,000 described species. The scientists worked together towards creating a single, comprehensive tool for the taxonomy of the arthropod class Diplopoda for the Encyclopedia of Life. Millipedes have a long distinguished history on our planet, spanning over 400 million years. Their ecological importance is immense: the health and survival of every deciduous forest depends on them, since they are one of the prime mechanical decomposers of wood and leaf litter, especially in the tropics.


02/04/2009 - 02/09/2009

University of California, Riverside, 
Riverside, CA, USA

This meeting focused on Heteroptera or (true bugs) and was held at the University of California at Riverside. True Bugs are a diverse and important group of insects, with more than 40,000 species described. The meeting brought together researchers and students from different projects around the world to collate and combine previous research and to chart new directions in unison with EOL. The meeting was a great and immediate success for both EOL and the community of bug researchers thanks to their intense commitment prior to the event.


10/07/2008 - 10/09/2008

Biodiversity Synthesis Center, The Field Museum, 
Chicago, IL, USA

Diptera, or true flies, is one of the most species-rich taxa, making up 10–15% of all known animal species. At this meeting a group of 27 fly researchers and specialists from 11 countries gathered in the Biodiversity Synthesis Center to discuss how best to synthesize and incorporate the large amount of existing data on this insect group into the Encyclopedia of Life.