17 Jul 11

The teen participants in Chicago and Suva have completed the Conservation Connection program and their conservation outreach projects have been published! These included an article on overfishing published to the Fiji Times, a letter to the editor for the Fiji Times on the impact of large fishing vessels on coral reefs in Suva Harbor, and a video PSA on the dangers of pollution for coral reefs and the fishing industry.


Visit FijiReef, Conservation Connection’s digital hub to learn more about the program and the BioSynC Conservation Connection page.

14 Jul 11

Audrey Aronowsky received a JRS Biodiversity Foundation award to support ten biodiversity and bioinformatics specialists from sub-Saharan Africa to attend the Life and Literature conference hosted by the Field Museum in November 2011.

10 Jul 11

Beth Sanzenbacher and Joshua Drew attended the annual joint meeting of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in Minneapolis, MN. Sanzenbacher presented on “WhyReef: A Scientifically Accurate Digital Game Designed to Teach Youth About the Diversity and Ecology of Coral Reefs”. Drew presented on “Conservation Connection: using digital games and social media to teach coral reef biology and conservation across the Pacific”.

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19 Jun 11

This meeting (May 31 - June 2) targeted both already published taxonomic literature (retrospective) and to-be-published taxonomic articles (proactive) in order to extract taxonomic content (e.g., species descriptions and re-descriptions, diagnoses, and material examined) and automatically provide it to the EOL. Major accomplishments are the tighter integration of initiatives like Plazi, Pensoft Publisher, (publisher of ZooKeys and PhytoKeys), and the EOL. Several journal editors attended the meeting that will now implement some of the cybertaxonomic tools developed primarily by Plazi and Pensoft in order to provide XML-based output of taxonomic content automatically to the EOL. For example, the largest zoological taxonomic journal Zootaxa, which has previously not provided any content to cybertaxonomic databases, will make relatively small adjustments to its publishing workflow that will generate lots of content for the EOL in the future. A manuscript describing our visions for the publication of cybertaxonomic articles in diverse journals is currently being written by the participants.

16 Jun 11


Audrey Aronowsky and Beth Sanzenbacher attended the 7th annual Games, Learning, and Society conference in Madison, WI. Aronowsky presented on “I’ll save the environment if its my summer break: civic action in WhyReef and the importance of program timing”. Sanzenbacher presented on “I Dig Brazil: a successful failure”. Both were co-authors on a third presentation “Real science in a virtual world: how youth use virtual data derived from gameplay to make scientifically accurate observations and arguments”.

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