Welcome Julia Almeida!

August 28, 2011

Torsten Dikow welcomed Brazilian Ph.D. student Julia Almeida for a four month visit to the FMNH on August 25. Julia is a Ph.D. student at the Universidade de São Paulo and the Museu de Zoologia, MZUSP, in São Paulo, Brazil where she is working on the taxonomy and evolutionary relationships among mydas flies of the subfamily Mydinae. Among the currently 85 species of Mydinae, which are restricted to the New World and found from southern Canada to northern Argentina, is the largest known fly named Gauromydas heros (Perty, 1833) from southern Brazil.

Julia is visiting the FMNH in order to study Mydinae specimens from our collection and others on loan to Torsten from natural history museums from around the world as well as gathering DNA data in the Pritzker Laboratory for a molecular study of the evolutionary relationships of Mydinae. She will also use Chicago as a base to visit other North American museum collections this autumn. These collection visits and the supplies in the Pritzker lab are funded by Torsten's NSF REVSYS grant to which Julia's project is tightly linked.