I Dig Brazil Starts!

September 21, 2010

This Monday was the launch of I Dig Brazil, the third installment in the I Dig Science series! This year’s collaboration between the Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH) and Global Kids is bigger and better as we transition from a summer camp to a full semester after-school program. While there have been a few growing pains, the teens and facilitators are eager to “dig” in! Teens in Chicago and New York will work collaboratively in Teen Second Life go on a virtual paleontological dig with a team of international scientists in Brazil. They will discover and explore topics in science (such as adaptations, mass extinctions and global climate change), and Brazilian culture (such as water conservation, indigenous tribes and dance). An exciting program, to say the least!

The first day the teens started to get to know one another and their environments. They started by making observations of their own lives, where they live, how they get around, and how they find food, to craft excellent google maps of Chicago and Brooklyn (make sure to check them out)! The teens then met Dr. Ken Angielczyk, curator of fossil mammals at FMNH and lead paleontologist on the dig, where they had a close-encounter of the fossil kind! Finally, the teens introduced themselves to one another via Skype to learn a bit more about each other, their cities, and how they aren’t all that different from each other. The teens are unsure what the lives of Brazilian youth might be like, and are looking forward to the first Skype call with the Brazilian youth facilitators on Wednesday!